Saturday, March 22, 2014

Find Activities for Little Guests

Hosting guests in our homes adds immensely to the joy of life.

When little children are among our visitors, it makes for even more fun times.

I think it's unfair for adults to expect kids to act like mini-adults.

They are not little adults. 

They are children and it's really helpful to have some fun things for them to do.

At a recent gathering at  our  house, there were seven kids.

Now I have an Easter tree that has umpteen decorations, including little carrots, that needed hanging.

It's not one of my favorite decorations because adorning it can get a tedious and time-consuming.

But the small hands of the kids who were visiting did a great job adorning the tree!

Voila!  The kids had fun. 

Decorating the Easter tree kept them engaged for awhile and now, the tree is done!

That's a win/win/win situation!

This little ceramic church with carrots along its roof is now at  the base of the little tree.



diane.stetson said...

I have a toy box filled with stuff they enjoy, a bookcase filled with children's books, a stuffed animal rack and outdoor balls and things like that. I also have a game closet with board games and a "tent" that pops open for them and in the closet I also have lots of chalk, paint, paper, crayons, playdough and markers. That keeps them going!

Gosia said...

I have decorated some branches with Easter [plastic eggs. But your decorations are very nice.

Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

What a Joy you (and your attitude) are to visiting children. And to their parents. You understand children and don't expect them to be able to be mini-adults. :-)))))

Lady Linda said...

Great blog Susan with food for thought. I bet the kids just love you. I haven't started decorating for Easter but looking at your blog, I am inspired. Fun fun fun.
Have a great weekend.

Nellie said...

I really love for children to be children! Crayons, paper, pencils, scissors, glue - all these seem to entertain our grandchildren well.

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: you have a great idea. Children need to create activities so they are not bored. Nice Easter tree. I leave coloring pages and puzzles .. keep in touch

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

Oh, Susan, that was a perfect activity for the kids! SO pretty too!

Merlesworld said...

Sadly very few kids in my life now.

Chatty Crone said...

You know all the kids around me are grown - except Will - who I would let him do anything - and I'd let him play with Andy's toys.

I know you have a lot of nice things there for your guests too.

When my kids were growing up - they used to put on a play and sell tickets - and they would practice - and then we would watch!

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