Saturday, April 12, 2014

A Little Bit of Easter Sunshine


Hope yours is terrific. Try to do something for fun, just for you!

Remember my dear friend, Christine?

She made the attractive Victorian Christmas tree  in one of this blog's posts.

Then, she redecorated it for Valentine's Day, too, and shared it with readers of this blog.

Well, now, with Easter right around the corner, she made a pretty sunshine-filled centerpiece out of items found in a Dollar Tree store.


The fluffy yellow chicks,  faux daffodils, bright yellow ribbons and "grass," all made for a very attractive and economical centerpiece.  

It's like a little bit of sunshine, isn't it?

Nice job, Christine, and thanks for sharing it with Writing Straight from the Heart readers.



Bookie said...

This is so pretty! So cheerful!!
Susan, it was near 80 today and to be 32 again by Monday night. Yikes! Have a good weekend.

diane.stetson said...

I'm not at all crafty but love your stuff and Christine's too. Keep up the good work!

Gosia said...

I love yellow is my favourite colour. Your chicks are so nice.

Ruth Ann said...

I'm not creative like Christine, but when the ice and snow began to get to me in March I went to Michaels and got some pretty pink faux roses at half price and put them in a small cut glass vase my dad gave me years ago. Everyone that sees them thinks they're real. They brighten up my livingroom - and me!

marianne said...

The yellow spring basket with the little chicks is adorable and oh so cheerful. Just brings a bit of sunshine inside. Lots of sunshine outside today also. Looks to be a spectacular spring day here. Time to rake out the flower beds and plant some pansies, at last.

I guess my "thrifty" decorating idea is to hang little mini Easter eggs on my pussy willow branches. It was a natural for an Easter egg tree. I had the pussy willows and found the eggs at the dollar

Enjoy your Saturday also.

Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

So sweet. Can't beat yellow, for bright and cheerful.

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

That is a burst of sunshine. We've had dull, dusty skies here the past couple of days. Hope you have a great day. Tammy

Starry Dawn said...

Hi Susan,
Happy Easter, my friend!
I love your centerpiece.
It looks so pretty, sweetheart.
You make terrific things when it comes to decoration.
What do I do to decorate my home?
Well, I guess I write poems and songs to bright up my days, and put some music in my family's ears. I also make pastel drawings and photo poems, wood-framed them for home decoration. I also do some paintings on silk fabrics for shawls. My baby grandchild loves to hear me singing lullabyes and Carol Songs.
Have a blessed Easter Season, Susan, family and loved ones!
Your blog really shines.
God bless you.
All the Best,

Chatty Crone said...

That was so beautiful and uplifting. There is just something there that makes you feel good when you see it.

Well I don't think you can count this - but I went to Uhaul today and Wally World and bought a lot of packing supplies! lol

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