Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Death of a Beloved Pet

In four and a half years of blogging, today's post was definitely one of the saddest I ever had to write.

Yesterday, Honey Cat, our beloved family pet for 17 years, died.

She had been losing ground and weight for the past six months or so. She had visits to the vet's and was taking medications.

About three days ago, she stopped  eating. 

As she became weaker and weaker, her walking was labored.  Her usual spirited and spunky meow became a labored, throaty grunt.

The veterinarian, a compassionate and wonderful human being, knew Honey Cat could not be saved. Her time on earth was up.

I chose to hold her soft and gentle body close to me as she was sedated.  Honey Cat put her head against my cheek.

As I cradled her body for the last time, I gently scratched behind her little ears, until her heart took its final beat.

Born in the Arizona desert, she ended her very full and adventure-filled life in New England. 

She was actually my daughter's cat. For two solid years, she lobbied for our family to adopt her and my daughter's passionate pleading finally won.  

Of course, we all grew to love the little ball of honey-colored fluff. 

She brought so much happiness and love to our family for 17 incredible and memorable years.

My hubs, daughter and me buried her in a corner of the back yard late yesterday afternoon.  

Hubs even planted some pink hyacinths near the spot where she was laid to rest.

My eyes are slits from crying and my heart feels as heavy as a bag of wet cement.

It's even hard, at times, to breathe. 

The day before she died, Honey Cat was lying on top of a heater in the living room.

I picked up my cell phone and told her I was going to take her picture.

True to her nature, she hoisted herself up and sat like a royal princess and that is the photo you see at the very top of this post. 

If tears turn into memories,  there will be a million of them of Honey Cat.

A sweet and well loved cat is now gone forever from this earth.



I am so sorry and your description of her been sedated reminded me so much of how our beloved pug Ben died in my arms while I cuddled him close to me for at least 10 minutes and couldn't let go! Oh my friend, how hard it is for you all right now!
God bless you and now all you have are the beautiful memories she left you.

diane.stetson said...

There are no words Susan...just hugs and sympathy!

Thuan Thuận said...
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Gina @ VictorianWannaBe said...

Oh Susan, my heart breaks for you during this time of loss. Pets are such a precious gift from God, so glad you got to share so many years with her. She was a beautiful cat. May God comfort your heart and ease the pain of your loss.
Sending hugs your way,

Thuan Thuận said...

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Mau Biet Thu

Hindustanka said...

Hi Susan! I can understand so very well what you are feeling now... My cat, he was also 17, died when I was in India. My father called me crying... I started crying too, it was such a bitter feeling.
Your honey cat is happy in cats' heaven now. She lived long life in a great family.

BECKY said...

Oh Susan, what a beautiful tribute you've written. Your words made me cry. Little Honey Cat does look a bit thin in that top photo, but still so beautiful. Awww, she knew how much she was loved, and gave her love back in return. 17 years is such a long time to be part of your lives, your family. My heart hurts for you, too. I'm sending you a big virtual hug.

Barbara Neubeck said...

... so sad Susan.... but happy memories will come and comfort you.
Honey Cat was beautiful.
Hugs and blessings...
Barb xxx

Linda O'Connell said...

Susan I am sad for you and I'm sending my sympathy. I know how bad your heat aches. Hugs

Nellie said...

Oh, Susan! Sending hugs to you at the loss of your beloved Honey Cat. I know exactly how you are feeling. We lost our 21-year old Shadow almost a year ago, and I still think I need to check on him.

marianne said...

Oh Susan, I am so sorry for the loss of your dear Honey Cat. She was a very special cat and I know she brought you and your family so much joy and love.

May your happy memories give you solace in your grief.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Susan I am so sorry about Honey Cat. She was a true beauty and a huge part of your life for 17 years. I am so sad for you as I know the love of a cat myself. What a beautiful post and know that I'm sending you big hugs! Linda

Gosia said...

What a shame it was so handsome.

Bookie said...

I know exactly what you are feeling as I have been exactly in that place. Animals leave just as big a hole when they leave as people do. There will be an emptiness that can't be explained to non-animal lovers. I won't get into the debate of "animal souls", but I think you will still sense Honey Cat in unexpected shadows.

Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

my heart goes out to you, dear one. losing a beloved pet, is never easy. but you know, you did the compassionate thing, for her.

keep all the lovely memories, in you heart.

gentle hugs,

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I feel much loss. Much encouragement. A great pity. Keep in touch

Victorian1885 said...

Susan I am so sorry for your loss... Honey Cat was sure a beauty. Losing a family pet is like losing a family member and my heart breaks for all of you.
Take care my Blogging friend.
Sending hugs,

Dayle Allen Shockley @ A Collection of Days said...

Sweet Susan, I have tear in my eyes. What a moving post about your precious Honey Cat. What a sweet photo of her being brave one more time for the camera. I was reminded of the day we lost our dear Tabitha, the only cat I ever loved.

Losing our furry friends is so hard. Prayers for you as you grieve this great loss.

Merlesworld said...

That's so sad, she was a lovely cat .

Valerie said...

Oh Susan, I'm so, so sorry. Sending much hugs and may the warm memories of Honey Cat Heal your broken heart.
Hugs from a friend in bloggy land.

Cranberry Morning said...

Susan I am so sorry for the loss of your sweet Honey Cat. It is truly heartbreaking to lose a beloved pet. Our Lionel died a year and a half ago. I still miss him so much. Sending warm thoughts your way.

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

I am so very sorry for your incredible loss. It was wonderful that you had her for so long!! I chose to do the same thing you did, along with my family, we were the last thing that 2 of our beloved pets saw and we hugged and kissed them before they passed.
After going through that twice and 20 years, I can not do it again so we chose to remain pet free. The joy they bring shows no bounds but the heart ache after they pass is sometimes unbearable.
But in time, you will laugh and smile when you think of her and only shed tears every now and then.

Many Hugs,

Chatty Crone said...

Oh Susan I can tell a difference there - poor baby did lose a lot of weight. I know you loved her and always will and that you miss her dearly. I hope prayers are helping.

Donna said...

Oh my God, Susan, I had not seen your post(s) about losing Honey Cat. My heart is totally broken for you. I know only too well the grief and heartache over losing our smallest family members. They give us nothing but love and devotion their entire lives. 17 years is a good long life, and you can be at peace with knowing that Honey Cat had the best 17 years on earth that any kitty ever could. And yes, I do believe our pets will be waiting for us on the other side. God is all above love, and I don't believe love is ever denied in Heaven, including the love we have for our furry family members.
Big hugs to you, Susan,

Tammy said...

Oh Honey Cat! I did miss this post, and now, of course, I'm crying. So very hard when we have to put them to sleep. I don't know if you remember my post about Sweet Kitty, the street cat who used to come to my door every morning meowing for food. I wish I had taken her to a shelter. She got a mouth infection and stopped eating. I took her to the vet then but it was too late. Gosh, I cried buckets of tears when I had to put her to sleep and leave her behind. Her kittens are the one I rescued after someone had put them in a box under a car and thrown in boxes of opened milk when they were just teeny tiny little things who couldn't do anything for themselves. Oh my, pets are a wonderful thing and so heartbreaking when they have to go. Hugs and blessings, Tammy

Tasarwen said...

My heart broke reading this post, Susan. You were not alone in your pain. Many of us have walked this very same path. Bless you, my dear. I am including a link about Eliot. He was the best friend I ever had.

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