Saturday, July 12, 2014

Anaconda at New England Aquarium in Boston

One thing is for sure. Not many people would want to wake up and find themselves face-to-face with an anaconda.

Looking at one of these gargantuan snakes that was behind glass (thankfully) at the New England Aquarium in Boston was quite a chilling experience for a non-snake-lover.

They are the biggest snakes in the world. They can grow up to 30 feet long and weigh more than 550 pounds, according to the Aquarium's fascinating  website.

There are four species of anaconda.  They are a type of boa constrictor, the website informed, and  there are 41 species of boas!

The hardy creatures live anywhere from 10 to 30  years.

Found in both Central and South America, anacondas eat birds, fish,  small and large mammals, and  reptiles.

After reading about anacondas, those little garter snakes that you might see in your garden will look pretty darned good!



diane.stetson said...

No but a few weeks ago while watering out in the yard there was a five foot long yellow and black king snake crawling along the side of the house. They are not dangerous but I never ran in the house so fast! I know a darling song about a boa constrictor that I taught my preschoolers..they loved it. It's called "I'm being swallowed by a boa constrictor and I don't like it very much"

Musings, Tea, and Me said...

I so dislike big snakes, but as a kid I was fascinated by them...used to skin them, even - all in the name of science of course. An older cousin gave me her dissecting kit and I thought I was the luckiest girl on the planet. Today, I'd be afraid to live in any of the southern U.S. states as the anacondas and boa constrictors are invasive and dangerous species there...I loved the song Diane son had a record by Marlo Thomas that featured it! Enjoy your day! Vickie

Chatty Crone said...

I goes i would say there are not many things I hate - but snakes are one of them.

We have them in the aquarium, the zoo, and in the yards and no matter where they are they scare me and I dislike them!!!!!!!!!!

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I never saw a live snake. I do not like much. Keep in touch

Lady Linda said...

Can't look at the pix! UGH!

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