Thursday, July 17, 2014

Book Sale! Book Sale!

Oh boy.

The summer book sale of one library in western Massachusetts turned out to be just as terrific as it always is and as anticipated.

In my wallet was exactly $23. 

Opening the recycled bag I brought with me, my feet headed directly to the children's section.

The next hour was pure joy, picking up books, flipping through them, smiling over their illustrations, and putting them back or plopping them into my bag.

I found some fabulous books, many of which will be given as gifts.

Others will be read when my darling little granddaughter comes to visit.

Eventually, I had $23 worth of books, checked out and left the library sale.

Unfortunately, the entire time, I had never left the children's section!

Never fear. In a few months the fall sale will be here. Yippee!



Kit said...

Oh how wonderful! I remember that Richard Scarrys book when my kids were little. At every yard sale or book sale I look for Susan Branch books. Or Gladys Taber. Can't resist a new one when I find it. Enjoy! Kit

diane.stetson said...

I just brought over fifteen books of my own to the Friends of the Library book store. They have sales all the time. I'm getting rid of my books and you are buying them .ha. I have a whole bookcase of children's books for my grandchildren to pick from when they come to my house which I will keep for a few more years. Some I've saved from my own children's library and now their kids are enjoying them.

Martha's Favorites said...

Hi Susan: Can't let a week go by without saying hi to you. Hope you are enjoying your grand baby too! Hugs, Martha

janice15 said...

lol I think it's just wonderful.. with love Janice

Merlesworld said...

I check them all out but I often buy children's books, I like the pictures and you never know one day I might have grand children.

marianne said...

I'm so mad I missed the library book sale! We were out of town, but like you I will get another chance in the fall. I have always loved children's books and reading them to my little boys was pure heaven for me. Now I have a little grandaughter who is cuckoo for books too! Guess I better mark the book sale on my calendar....

Looks like you purchased a fabulous selection and I know you and your little grandaughter will enjoy many hours of reading them together.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I see several books in your purchase that I have for Tiger. I do love buying books to share with him. I also of course always love books for me!! You got some great books this time for sure.

Anonymous said...

I find a ton of in great condition children's books at St. Vincent de Paul. for 50 cents to 1.99. I love going there to buy kids books and know I am supporting a worthy cause. You have some great books on here.



Oh, such memories! My brother and I had some books like these back in NYC, I don't know what mother did with them, I'm sure she gave them to the church, she always did! I bet you can't have enough of your grandbaby, they're are the best in life!
Thanks for your sweet visit.

Bookie said...

You made some great choices! What bargains!

Red Rose Alley said...

What a great book sale this is! I love children's books the most. I think I would have bought the fairytale book for sure. I still have the Berenstein Bears books that I read the kids when they were little.


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I collect children's books and always look there first, too. Not many at our book sales here because we're a retirement area. But I did find 2 old fairy books at the thrift store yesterday! I am thrilled with them! Enjoy your weekend! Hugs!

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