Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Help! Mystery Muncher Causes Destruction

Calling all experienced gardeners. We have a plant emergency on our  hands.

Something is eating the leaves on the plants in the front yard.

The leaves on these hostas look like green Swiss cheese and the same thing happened
on the dahlia leaves.

WHAT is it?  Do you know?

There are no signs of anything munching during the day so the culprits must be night marauders.

It's so frustrating  because since it is unknown what is causing the devastating, destructive damage, halting it is impossible.

Gardeners?  Your expertise please?



Lucy martin said...

Hello Susan, This is a very common problem with hosta esp. late in the summer.
(esp here in Canada) I think what is doing it is slugs or snails or maybe both...It's odd that you don't see anything, have you checked under the leaves? (and yes maybe they are nocturnal snackers...:)
you could try deterring by putting egg shells down, Have heard but not tried it myself)
another thing my sis in law said she does is in early spring she waters hosta with 1 part ammonia to 7 parts water.
I want to do that next year...'next year' a gardener's most used phrase! :)

Chatty Crone said...

I am not a gardener, but I think they are aphids - look it up on the internet - do you see any white little bugs on them?

Simple and serene living Laura Walker said...

UGH!!! Hate when that happens. I would definitely google it to see what is happening. xo Laura

marianne said...

Same thing is happening to my Hostas. I think it is the slugs. They do come at night so you probably won't see them during the day. They especially like shady areas. The water and ammonia spray sounds interesting. Will have to try that next spring. Too late in the season to do anything about it now. In another couple of weeks the leaves will have died off anyway.

Nellie said...

So sorry about this happening, Susan. We've had rabbits and grasshoppers who think the strawberries are planted just for them! Flowers are looking all right, though.

LacyKnitsDaily said...

Holes on Hosta leaves indicate snails and/or slugs.
This is from my master gardening reference materials.
•Damage limited to holes in the leaves: No pests are seen. This most commonly is evidence of slugs, those annoying shell-less cousins of the snails. Slugs feed at night so they usually will not be found on the leaves. Remedies include clearing any leaf litter or debris from beds. Remove boards, bricks or other material that retains moisture and provides a haven for slugs. Thin out groundcovers to improve air circulation and drying. Handpicking the slugs, best done at night, is very effective in small gardens. Beer or any other yeasty or fermenting liquid can be used in a trap. Make sure the trap is buried to the rim in the surrounding soil. Chemical treatments require a molluscide (usually metaldehyde and/or carbaryl) but are hazardous to children and pets

Linda O'Connell said...

Take a flashlight out at dark and look for the slugs. I can't keep a rose bush because something etas the leaves.

Lady Linda said...

UGH! We have big problems here with slugs. I'm not sure what is eating your plants, but how frustrating. Emergency is right. SO sorry.

Traveling Shoes said...

Sounds like slugs and snails Susan. They eat Hostas plants. Makes a person angry about that when you have a lovely garden. If you get the snail bait, make sure it is safe for animals if you own some. A friend put out snail bait not too long ago and her little dog was very sick. Thank you for your sweet visit and kind words. We are hanging in there. No word on the house yet, but all are safe.

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