Friday, September 4, 2015

September's Song

September is a cherished month.

The air is cooler and the sun shines brightly in clear blue skies, often dotted with marshmallow fluff-like clouds.

There's a hint of fall in the morning air and children are back in school. 

It's also my birthday month.

A dear friend in Arizona taught me to celebrate all the days before my birthday as well the actual day and then, all the days after!  What a great idea!

Sometimes the day's treat is as simple as an extra cup of coffee or reading a magazine from cover-to-cover.

The important thing is to do little things for one's self on a daily basis during the birthday month ( and maybe even a little beyond? ha!)

I've loved going to farmers markets this summer, stopping and roadside farm stands for fresh corn on the cob, and also driving to quaint orchards, such as seen in some photos in this post.

Lakeview Orchard in Lanesboro, Massachusetts,  has delicious produce, lip smacking baked goods and the most delicious Vermont cheddar cheese one can sink teeth into.

Melted on toast with slices of Big Boy summer tomatoes, the resulting sandwich is ambrosial.

Despite autumn marching quickly toward us, there has been no fall decorating around here yet since summer must be stretched to the nth degree!



Chatty Crone said...

I think you should take the whole month to celebrate your birthday! And I love September for the cooler weather - and we have a lot of apple festivals down here! Fun.

diane.stetson said...

I love the song called September Song....Oh it's a long long while from May to December but the days grow short when we reach September..etc.etc.

Bookie said...

That sign for Vermont cheese reminded me how much I love cheese in Vermont when we were there! Has taken a turn for HOT here again...mornings are nice but temps rise in afternoon. Don't want to hurry life away, but will be glad to see pumpkins and leaves soon.

Linda O'Connell said...

Fall will be settling in after next week, the weather folks say. I think I am ready. But we have a hot snap right now.

Lady Linda said...

Hi Susan, I like the idea of celebrating all month! We enjoyed lots of Vermont cheese when we visited this summer...yummy.
I like September so much because it is the END of summer and the start of the season I love the most and all the fun holidays.

Sandi said...

Reading this was like a sweet little break! Thanks.

Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

Hi, Coming to visit you from sweet Connie's blog! I just got out my few fall decorations today! The shirt in the other post is beautiful and I love the idea of celebrating every day of your birthday month!! Nancy

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