Thursday, October 15, 2015

Birch Trees

Birch trees, with their tall white trunks, are beauties of the forest.

While I don't know too much about them, they are favorite trees of mine. 

Their long trunks, often on the slender side, rise up majestically.

The trees look like stately queens of the tree world!

Actually, I love all trees and cannot imagine a world without them. 

How bare and unattractive our neighborhoods and  parks would be, stripped of trees, don't you think?

As a child, I used to love birch beer.  

It had a very distinctive taste. 

Haven't thought about that in years.



All4 Barbie said...

Hello from Spain: Nice pictures of nature. Where I live we are surrounded by pine trees. Keep in touch

diane.stetson said...

I've not seen a birch tree where I live...but I do remember someone carving my initials on one near the lake where YOU live a very long time ago. I LOVE birch trees and all the trees in New England at this time of year. Wish I were there right now!

Susan said...

I've always planted a group of 3 birch trees on our property. I love them too and have a post coming out tomorrow on my design blog featuring the birch trees--great minds think alike, XOXO

Chatty Crone said...

They grow unusual too don't they - yes we do have them here! Not a lot and we do have to plant them - but they are pretty.

Linda O'Connell said...

Hi Susan, your beautiful photography reminded me of the first time I saw all those birch trees on my dear friend's property in new Hampshire. thanks for the uplift.

Lucky Living said...

Yes Susan, we have lots of birches around our town. We live in rural Australia, but our neck of the woods has been planted out with European and English trees which change through the seasons, and we are known as The Colour City.
Birches are a family favourite and we've always had them in our garden..our Christmas tree last year was a huge birch branch decorated in a Scandinavian style! Trish x

Bookie said...

Around here white bark ususally means sycamore trees. In the West, white bark is found on aspens. Lovely, lovely birches~!!!

marianne said...

Lovely pictures of the birch trees in fall. We do have a birch tree in our yard and enjoy seeing it's lovely yellow leaves silhouetted against the blue sky at this time of year. After the leaves fall the delicate branches look beautiful against the grey skies of November.

I do remember birch beer soda. Goo with a bag of State Line potato chips! Remember?

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