Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Welcome to Visitors, All Except Squirrels

It's always satisfying to welcome guests with special decor of the season on the outside (and inside) of the house.

Pumpkins are all over the place around here and fall potted flowers, too.

There was a frost the other night and we lost quite a few plants but the hardier ones lived up to their names and survived.

These lingering days of autumn are so sweet and lovely, especially because we know in Massachusetts that when they are over, winter arrives.

Each season has its beauty but winter here is often way too long and can be very unpleasant.

The thought of scraping thick ice from the cars and driving on icy roads does not thrill me.

But today, I'm not going to think of all that. 

Today, I will concentrate on autumn splendor in every direction.



Linda O'Connell said...

I am enjoying the last days of fall, also. It has been rainy here. But it sure beats the white stuff. Hope you have a wonderful day.

Jemma@athomewithjemma said...

What gloriously splendid Falls you have!
Enjoy your beautiful and colorful day.

Bookie said...

Your outside is beautiful.I love doing outside in the autumn and have pumpkins and mums all over the place too. Just love the color and the feel of harvest with the pumpkins and squash. Yes, here it is rainy too and chilly, quite ugly really and too much like winter looks. But I am holding out for a wee tad more of Indian Summer somewhere!!!!

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

We had a crazy storm and flooding this morning so senior boy and I stayed home. I bought mums a couple of weeks ago but for some reason they didn't do well. And now with the rain, I think they've all bit the dust. Phooey!

diane.stetson said...

Still warm here. Halloween is going to be 89 I welcome guests with a home made meal and songs around the piano.

Chatty Crone said...

Yes I think the best way to tackle life is to enjoy one day at a time - the ice will come later - the beauty now.

Deborah Montgomery said...

Oh, I know. Living in Michigan, I know what's coming. The beauty of these fall days is even more appreciated by those of us in the north!

memorial garden benches said...

So splendid! I love it. Enjoy the last days of fall and have a beautiful and colorful day!

Red Rose Alley said...

Susan, your front porch is so charming with all the pumpkins and the golden flowers. I love it, and going back to take a second look.


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