Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Perky, Yellow Daffodils

Every since childhood, daffodils meant the beginning of spring.

Often the first flowers to bloom after crocus, the brave little yellow flowers seem to defy freezing temps to return.

The winter has been long enough, the little flowers seem to indicate, and now it's time for spring, so vamoose Ol' Man Winter.

This is the first time hubs planted daffodils along the front brick walkway and they are coming up at long last!

My oldest sister, who is a retired music teacher, taught me a song about daffodils that I sing with my own grandchildren.

It's a cute little ditty and I have no idea who wrote it so I cannot give identification to the songwriter.

I do, however, thank whoever wrote it. 

It goes:

                                                 Daffodils, daffodils, spreading  
                                                 your gold on the April hills.
                                                 Joy you bring, in the spring.
                                                 Sweet-smelling daffodils. 

So let the April winds move your pretty yellow heads, sweet daffodils.  

Daffodils do, definitely, spread their gold on the hills and wherever they are planted.



Barbara Neubeck said...

.. your path looks so lovely and inviting with it's Daffodil border ... I love it .. xxx you have a clever hubby planting these .. xxxxx
.. Barb xxxx

Linda said...

Your path looks beautiful! Daffodils are so cheery. :) Ours here are long gone now, as we must be in entirely different growing region. Peonies are getting ready to open here, Lilacs are almost done, it's been an extremely warm April - one of the warmest on record here - so the growing season is pretty advanced this year.

Chatty Crone said...

Okay we have this place called Gibbs Garden and (months ago we had them come up) - and this place had a million of them - true. I love them!!

diane stetson said...

They came up in my yard a month ago and are now gone. So pretty aren't they?


i like the song. daffodils mean the beginning of spring to me too. they look lovely planted against the charming brick walkway.

Donna Volkenannt said...

Love the song and the fact that you sing it to your grandchildren. I don't haven any daffodils, but my irises have bloomed and there are a few flowers on my yellow rose bush. The lilacs bloomed only briefly, but they still smell sweet.
Oh, and your walkway is very inviting. The daffodils make it shine.

Red Rose Alley said...

Susan, the daffodils looks so pretty along your brick walkway. The yellow daffodil is such a cheerful flower. It definitely says "spring is here."

love, ~Sheri

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