Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Glass as Art in a New England Victorian Inn

Colored glass as art can be quite spectacular to see.

I've always loved stained glass pieces.  

My earliest recollections of glass as art come from stained glass windows in church.

The Penrose Victorian Inn in Haydenville, Massachusetts, has some breathtaking glass pieces currently hanging inside the inn.

In warmer weather, they are moved to the outside gazebo where guests are treated to luscious breakfasts.

Innkeepers Nancy Zimmer and her husband, Dick, own and run the Penrose.

Several of the glass pieces the innkeepers purchased at the Brimfield Flea Market.

If you missed a previous posts on the Penrose Victorian Inn and are interested in catching up, you can find them here and here.

From time to time, Writing Straight from the Heart will have additional posts on this charming New England Inn so, if you like reading that type of post, where you get  close-up look at an inn, keep checking back!



agatek said...

Beautiful! I love the stained glass windows. Regards :)

Chatty Crone said...

That stained glass is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes I love stained glass. Now my front door isn't colored but it is beautiful clear stained glass if that is stained glass. I have a couple smaller pieces in the house and when the sun shines it is beautiful. My BIL and SIL used to make it - very hard! Love, sandie

Bookie said...

The glass is beautiful and so much work!

Brenda @ Its A Beautiful Life said...

Oh my, these are beautiful. We have one stained glass picture that my husband commissioned from an artist many years ago. It was of his family cottage by a mountain lake in British Columbia. We enjoy the piece very much. Close up a person gets a sense of how much work and skill is involved.

Thank you so much for sharing this beauty with us today.


diane stetson said...

The only stained glass I see is at church. That inn has lovely pieces. You also have some in your home that are beautiful!


I LOVE stained glass. These pieces are beautiful, indeed. Just breathtaking.

Lady Linda said...

Oh my, what a beautiful place and a beautiful post Susan. I love stained glass but do not own any. I would love to visit this B&B. I will be in VT this month, but only for a short visit for another Tasha Tudor event. Next time I hope to return with my hubby and this would be such a lovely place for a visit.

Linda O'Connell said...

These windows are gorgeous. years ago, our city home had stained glass windows, as was the tradition in those older homes.

Simple and serene living Laura Walker said...

I love stained glass and these are all beautiful pieces. I gave me daughters each a vintage stained glass window, but now I think I may look for another one for myself. xo Laura

Red Rose Alley said...

Susan, stained glass is definitely an art. This one is very nice, and looks charming above the seat with pillows. My sister actually made a red rose stained glass, and it was in my mom's house for years until she passed away. And inside my church is many stained glass windows in different colors. It's beautiful.

love, ~Sheri

Kit said...

How pretty! I love stained glass. I have a few pieces and my fav ones are the ones my hubby made for our front and back doors. :) Kit

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