Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Stately Red Lion Inn

One of my favorite New England towns to visit is Stockbridge, home of the internationally known  Red Lion Inn and the place where artist Normal Rockwell claimed his fame.


The Inn , which dates to the 1700s, draws tourists from around the world and offers a getaway to a quaint and charming New England town.

Chandeliers dangle in the elegant dining room. At Christmas time, a harpist plays ethereal music in the front lobby.

Antiques are everywhere the eye can see and the ambiance is purely New England at its best.

These fabulously displayed blue plates would temporarily stop the hearts of plate lovers anywhere!

Ssssssshhhhhhhh, don't tell, but this photo was snapped in the lady's powder room, dahling.


Of course, my feet take me right to the gift shop, part of which is wall to wall windows, letting in lots of light and illuminating all kinds of treasures.

On the porch of the inn, people sit or rock on chairs when the winter ends. Bright potted pansies welcome guests in the spring. Aren't they absolutely gorgeous?  Don't you wish these potted pansies were on your own  front porch?

The name "Red Lion" is apparently a very popular name for English pubs. One Internet reference noted there are more than 600 British pubs called Red Lion! The lion figure, itself, is very often seen in coats of arms and is  popular in pub signs.

Some day I hope to spend an overnight in this grand old lady!                                                            



Karen Lange said...

What wonderful photos! I too, would love to spend a night there. What a treat that would be. Thanks for sharing:)

Mary said...

What a beautiful place it is! We stayed nearby at a b&b years ago, to attend a wedding. We saw the outside of the Red Lion, but never went in... good thing, because I'm sure we could not have afforded anything in that wonderful gift shop! :)

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

So lovely! I just love historical places. And that gift shop. Fabulous! I could sit on that porch with the pansies all day long. :) Have a happy day, Tammy

diane stetson said...

I've been there and it is truely a lovely place for lunch, dinner or just to go to the gift shop. Thanks for the pictures Susan!

Dianne said...

What a beautiful place... and that transfer ware is so lovely... I've stayed overnight in a couple of historic, if not grand, old inns.. The Clewiston Inn in Clewiston, FL, a beautiful columned antebellum plantation mansion, decorated with original furnishings. It does have electricity and plumbing though; The Wakulla Inn on Wakulla Springs in Wakulla, Florida. I'm not sure of it's age, but it's a gorgeous vintage inn... The rooms are wallpapered with flourishes and cabbage roses over wainscoting. Even the old elevator with the cage door is wallpapered. The rooms are furnished with antiques and vintage furniture and lighting fixtures. The grand dining room is gorgeous and surrounded in leaded glass windows.
Bruce and I got married and spent our honeymoon at the Bayboro House, a Victorian Manor on Tampa Bay in St. Petersburg, FL as Hurricane Francis came ashore. It is furnished with many of its original furnishings. There is a carriage house and a servant's quarters (a 100 year old cabin that had been added) out back that have been converted into suites. Bruce and I wedded in the main manor parlor in front of the fireplace and stayed for 2 nights in the servant's quarters suite.

Linda O'Connell said...

Susan, did you "unfriend" me? I am unable to leave comments on your blog, and I do not receive any from you. What's up? I absolutley love this post; it is like taking a mini vacation.

Chatty Crone said...

Thank you for the tour of the Red Lion Inn. What an amazing place. And I love Norman Rockwell paintings.

I have not stayed at an Inn - but I would like to sometime.


Jan Cline said...

Sure makes me what to go there! I love historical places. Thanks for the great pics!

Linda O'Connell said...

I see that my comment posted. Don't know what the problem was, but I received your comment on my blog this evening. Another blog buddy wrote and said she had trouble leaving comments on MY blog, so maybe it's just the blog website, and hopefully it's fixed.

Susan said...

Thanks for commenting, Everyone! Wonderful to have you as visitors. Come back tomorrow, okay? You'll see my cranberry glass! Sincerely, Susan

BECKY said...

Oh Susan! What a beautiful Inn. You live in such a wonderful part of the US. Someday....I'll get up that way. I've always wanted to visit New England in the autumn, and to see Cape Cod! Thanks for sharing the awesome pictures!

Susan said...

Hi Becky...It's true. This is a gorgeous area and very cultural, too. Hey! Why don't you come here for a vacation? Wouldn't that be fun! Think about it. Sincerely, Susan

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