Monday, December 27, 2010

After the Big Day of Christmas

The Big Event is over. Christmas Day, 2010, is now part of our recent memories.

The Christmas season, however, is still very much alive and well. There's no way the tree is coming down yet or the bright, twinkling white outdoor lights will be dimmed.  No siree. There are still several days left until New Year's celebrations begin.

But, I promise, after this week there will be no more photos of the decorations, the tree, or anything else Christmas. All will be neatly taken down, packed away, and stored in the attic until next year. This, I promise you, so bear with me just a few more days.

For me, the highlight of the season has been spending time with people I love. It always is. The spontaneous dinner parties at home, visiting other peoples' houses,  holiday concerts, receiving stacks of cards in the mail---I love it all.

A niece made chocolate bark and truffles from Belgium chocolate and I had to quickly give those to my "forever love" because they were soooooo fabulously delicious. Definitely, I'd want to eat every single one so they have now disappeared.

I've loved seeing  the smiles from children constructing gingerbread houses. It has been such a joy to hear  my nieces' little girls singing Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer while decked out in their holiday dresses, including fancy red shoes!

Christmas night the fire crackled in the fireplace, the lights of the tree continued to mesmerize me, and my heart filled to the very brim with love for the message of this magnificent Christmas season. The Christ child was born and brought hope to mankind forever more.

Like the golden angel on the mantle, I'd do anything to blast a trumpet to the heavens to show the gratitude for being alive that fills every bit of my heart.



Elaine said...

I happened across your blog tonight while broswing the sites.. I too am an older your fashion know how.. I see you also love Susan Branch... Me too.

will be dropping by again as I signed to follow. Elaine

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Hey Susan -- I was right. My Aunt Elaine does have Susan Branch books. She's the one who posted just above. :) Your tree is absolutely beautiful! We are finally down to just a few crumbs from the cookies brought home last week. Melissa made truffles, too, and they were quite yummy! A friend also made toffee and I've had to stop munching on that as I was feeling gooey ooey sick. :/ Stay safe and warm and cozy inside while the winter weather blows outside. Best wishes, Tammy

Arooj said...

such a charming tree

Merry Xmas

Linda O'Connell said...

Your tree reminds me of my best friend's tree many years ago when we were young moms, next door neigbors, and before she died. Looking at your tree was a lovely visit to the past.

mo said...

Hi Susan, I would not ever want to take down that beautiful tree. It is breathtaking. ps...Angels are Everywhere is for all followers thanks for asking...and "Susan Branch?" how cool is that? *hugs*

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

Your tree is lovely. I always get a little sad when my tree comes down.

diane stetson said...

My favorite thing about this holiday season is being home and sleeping in each and every morning. NO getting up at six to go to work...that's the best!

Susan said...

Hi Everybody! I want to give a warm and special welcome to Elaine and Karen, this blog's 158th and 159th Followers. Hope you both stop by often as we will LOVE having you. Hugs to ALL! Susan

Heaven's Walk said...

One of my most favorite things was taking a peek into all of my blog-friends' homes to see their beautiful Christmas decor! What a blessing that was for me! And to learn how many of them are sisters-in-Christ, also! :)

xoxo laurie

BECKY said...

Susan, your tree and other decorations are beautiful and magical! When I was growing up, we always kept our Christmas tree and decorations out until January 6th, The Epiphany....That was extra special, because it is also my birthday! :)

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