Saturday, February 9, 2013

Storyteller Dolls Displayed in Glass Case

Hi Everyone!                                                                                 

Hope you are all doing well this Saturday in winter.                                                                                      
Well, we in the western part of Massachusetts survived the big whopper of a winter snowstorm.                                                  
  I'd say we got about  a foot of snow so that wasn't too  bad.                                                                                
Just came in from cleaning off the cars while hubs  shoveled walkways.                                                                                                                                  
A neighbor graciously used her snowblower to clean our driveway.                                                                                

She proved, once again, the basic goodness of people when the chips (snowflakes?) are down!                                                     

It's very c-c-c-c-old out and the wind is chilling but we are safe and snug in the house now and the fireplace is calling!              

Now, for today's post:                                                                    
 Once, while vacationing in Connecticut near the shore, we stopped at a church gift shop.

I saw the most adorable glass and brass display case.

It cost about $10 and would be a terrific way to display various collections so I bought it on the spot.

Today, it holds storyteller dolls, little clay figures. They are shown with little children, eager to hear stories.

 A more detailed post on them can be found here.

I love this collection and the pieces  look good in the lovely glass case. 

 Guests are usually quite fascinated with the storytellers.

So happy I found that case as well as collected the many little figures when we lived in the southwest. 

The storytellers are among my favorite collections.



diane.stetson said...

One of your very unique collections Susan...I never heard of storyteller dolls. I know you enjoy them and the glass case is perfect for them.

Glenda said...

I have not heard of the Storyteller dolls, but I do love your various collections of unique items! Thank you for always sharing such lovely things with us! :-)

Hindustanka said...

such cute statuettes! never seen, it's very unusual to have an eye for some peculiar things :)

Tammy said...

I love them! So very unique. I keep hearing on the news that Boston is going to get smacked with snow. Hope all is well! Stay safe and warm! Tammy

Unknown said...

Hi Susan,

I have never heard of story teller dolls. They look really fascinating and what a beautiful display you have for them. Enjoy your weekend!


Rebecca said...

I HAD never heard of storyteller dolls! Susan, you have some amazing collections :)

(I'm wondering if you're getting hammered by the snowstorm. Sure hope you're safe.)

Suzan said...

Such a nice glass case and love your story telling dolls! I have never see this type of Indian dolls. I have several Katchina Dolls that are used to explain the Gods to the children and Indian stories!! Very unique!

Chatty Crone said...

I think your curio cabinet is beautiful I have a couple of them myself, I have never heard of the Story Tellers- you have the most unique collections. sandie

Ruth Kelly said...

I was going to say that I had never heard that the East coast had those story teller indian pieces. They are precious.

Denise said...

Susan,Thank you for letting Me know I have a story teller doll.I'm so happy to know after all these years what it is.It was my Moms,when She died and we were going through her belongings it had my name on the bottom.My Father and Her were always going to the southwest on vacation.She picked it up there that's all I ever knew :)

Susan said...

I've never heard of Storyteller Dolls, but these are just adorable and what a beautiful collection. Stay warm; glad to hear you made it through the Monster Storm. My daughter got about 16" and was out shoveling today; Maddie too:-D XOXO

Ann said...

I've never heard of the storyteller dolls, but I will find out now. They are so adorable and they look so sweet in the glass case.

Unknown said...

How cute and interesting. Have not heard of the Storytelling Doll's and I bet the story is most interesting to hear!

Unknown said...

Hello from Spain: I see on TV in my country the snowstorm that your country is suffering. In Boston people can not go outside. I'm glad you're okay. I had not seen before this collection of dolls storytellers. They are very cute. Keep in touch

Annesphamily said...

My goodness Susan we have this very brass and glass case! When my friend Bea lost her dear friend years ago she gave me many of her lovely things. My son wanted this glass and brass curio case and it displayed his mini bears from many years. It came with a collection of miniature dogs and cats and somewhere I have that safely put away!
Storytelling and dolls caught my eye! I love my dolls and always a good story! Your post was quite delightful! I am glad you are safe and out of the blizzards way. We are getting light snow mixed with rain! Colorado has been snowless most of the winter in the city anyway! Good to see you here and wish you warmth and happiness. HPS! Hugs Anne

Merlesworld said...

Hello you look like you could do with some sun we have plenty here maybe the last big flush of summer, it's so hot we had about enough would you like us to send you some sun.
Storyteller dolls are new to me.

Nellie said...

You have some marvelous collections, Susan!

Lady Linda said...

Wow, how interesting. I love the whole idea! When I was studying to become a teacher, I actually had to take a class in storytelling! It was fun. We had to practice in front of the class and then we went to a grade school and presented our stories to kids.
The collection is fabulous.

Micupoftea said...

I LOVED seeing your collection! No, I know about Kachinas but not Storytellers. It is so fun to see a grouping of similiar items, even if the collection is not huge. I agree with you, blogland is great :)
Happy week ahead,

Dee said...

You have such a wide range of collectibles....makes it fun to visit you on your blog....we never know what we will see.

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