Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Christmas with Some Dollies


One of the drawbacks of having a doll collection, is where to store all of the little lovelies.

When Christmas decorating began, some of them got displaced, due to lack of space.

Several ended up on a window seat in my bedroom.

I have a small ceramic Christmas tree there, comlete with colored lights.

So now, it seems like the dollies are looking at the tree!

Dolls have been a life-long source of pleasure and joy to me.

So in this time of dark, wretched pandemic, it's nice to see some of the little ones who make me smile.



diane stetson said...

This week watching my son and his three sons remodeling my bathroom by painting it gave me a huge smile. I know your doll collection makes you smile a lot.

Red Rose Alley said...

That Christmas tree is so beautiful. I'm not sure if I mentioned to you, but many years ago my aunt gave me a ceramic white tree with red lights. Through the years, I gave it away, but I sure wish I had kept it. Yours is so lovely with the colored lights, and Yes, your dolls look like they are gazing at it. You have such a nice doll collection, Susan. I'm glad it brings you joy. : )


Linda O'Connell said...

Your dolls are so pretty. What a cute way to display them: looking at the tree.

I have a soft spot for soft stuffed snowmen and enjoy gazing at them in the light of the tree.

Anne Robinson said...

That is sweet how they are looking at your precious little tree. Take care and keep all your beautiful memories tucked close inside your heart. HUGS to you today and always XO XO

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