Thursday, March 4, 2021

Cuisine from Two Different Cultures

In lieu of traveling during these lingering pandemic days, comes the opportunity to sample food from dik fferent cultures.

As luck would have it, this week delicious Mexican fare from a food truck in 20 degree weather and Asian food made the pandemic restrictions more bearable.

The Asian food was served at restaurant (shock of all shocks) where the dear friends and I were the only ones having lunch inside instead of take-out.

From the food truck and then to the kitchen table at home,  the three chicken enchiladas and one chalupa all tasted scrumptious.

The chalupa consisted of a tortilla, chopped steak, lettuce, and sour cream. The taste was yum.

At the Asian restaurant, one of the friends had a bento box, shown at top of post.

It contained a variety of the restaurant's offerings.

The waitress served water in a blue bottle.

 My other friend and I had dumpling soup as well as shrimp lettuce wrap appetizers. 

There was a distinct taste of sesame oil in the soup and it was very, very tasty. 

The big fat dumplings were not bad either.



diane stetson said...

I love Asian food and Polish food. Those are my two favorites...especially Chinese Moo Goo Gai Pan.

Kit said...

Looks wonderful!! I love Asian food. I love a big bowl of pork and chicken fried noodles. 😊 Kit

Babs said...

Italiano for me. Plain Jane eater!

Laurel Wood said...

Your photos of the food look delicious. I love both Asian and Mexican food. I guess Italian is my least favorite. It is always a treat to eat food that I did not have to prepare. Lol

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