Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Some Things Stay, Some Things Go...


In an effort to de-clutter, there are big attempts being made around here to weed out decorating items that have lain dormant for quite a spell.

Still, it's hard to part with things that one found and loved. So many thousands of displays throughout the years do not make it easy to let things go. At least that's the way it is for me.

The three-tiered piece shown in this post makes a great holder for faux roses.

 It was probably once used for little sandwiches served at tea parties. At least that's what I imagine its use happened to be.

Well, it now holds faux roses in faded shades of pink.  

After all, flowers are food for the soul, right?

So far, the iron stand stays.

Hope you have a nice day today, dear blog peeps.   



Red Rose Alley said...

Yes, when I moved, I went through boxes and bins and gave away the things I didn't really want or use anymore. It's a good feeling, and someone else can enjoy them. It's wonderful that you are doing the same, Susan. But I love that three-tiered piece and glad you kept that. That's a pretty display of roses, and I like how you put the tier on decorative plates. It all looks very nice.


diane stetson said...

Susan I love your new "header" Great job with spring pictures and a nice quote too. I haven't thrown too many things out yet but someday i will have to purge some items for sure.

Nellie said...

Yes, I purge some items now and then. The mystery is....why doesn’t it create extra room?:-)

Laurel Wood said...

Hi Susan! The roses in the tiered iron stand are lovely. Fresh fruit would also be pretty displayed. I have moved often and have slowly decluttered over the years. My most sentimental items still remain: my childhood dolls, mom and grandmothers Dishes, etc. I have found it is much easier to clean house with fewer collectibles but oh, sometimes it is hard to depart with things.
Have a great afternoon,

Linda O'Connell said...

I like your way of thinking!

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