Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Dreams of Hanging Candlelight

 Oh my goodness, every time there is a home decorating article that emphasizes hanging containers that have candles inside, it's clipped and saved for future reference.

The thought of flickering candlelight, seen through a glass holder, swinging in the breeze from a tree in the backyard, is thrilling.

So wouldn't you know that there was some spontaneous dreaming right in the aisle of a Goodwill Store recently.

 Lovely mason  jars, the kind used for canning, and painted fire engine red, ended up in the shopping cart of "yours truly."

They came complete with little wire handles,

 Oh my, right near them was a bigger glass container, also red and with a handle, that would be perfect for a big, fat candle.

Now hanging these beauties in a tree outside is a mere distant dream right now, as snow covers the ground and freezing temps chill the bones.

But for less than seven bucks for the whole kit and caboodle, who could resist?  Not me.



Laurel Wood said...

Oh what a great find! These are such a gorgeous shade of red. They will be so lovely with candlelight shining thru while swaying in a gentle breeze this summer. For July Fourth, you could even change out the ribbon. I have a long time blog friend in MI and she too is frozen and snowed in currently. Click on her link to see the cute ice suncatchers she made with her little granddaughters. http://marislittlecorner.blogspot.com/2021/02/time-with-our-girls.html
Many years ago, we shared a home with my late mother that had a very long and winding driveway. I had some green hanging jars that held candles that I placed in trees beside the driveway for a summer party one time. It was very charming!
Thanks for such a lovely post and sweet memories.

Red Rose Alley said...

These are so charming, Susan. And any time I see red decor, flowers, or birds, I have to stop and look. These will look so nice in your back yard hung from a tree. Great find, and I think these items that you come across are meant just for you. ; )


Linda O'Connell said...

These will look lovely hanging from a branch. What a deal. You always have such interesting finds.

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