Monday, March 1, 2021

Good Fun at Goodwill

 Thrift store shopping can be feast or famine.

There are definitely people who find great fun in traipsing through the aisles of a thrift store.

Some days, it's a lost cause because nothing appears appealing.

Other days, there is plenty of good quality merchandise just begging to be bought.

 During a recent solo mini-trip for fun to a Goodwill Thrift Store, it was a "feast."

I will show you a few purchased items in this post and, from time to time, others because I love sharing the "loot."

Recently, I noticed our supply of wine glasses was very sparse and mismatched so when a set of four "Avignon cristal d'arques" by J.G. Durand glasses were found at Goodwill, I snagged them.

They were half-price so the set came to $3.00, not a bad price for beautiful "cristel" glasses. (That spelling of cristel is listed on the box the glasses came in.)

 Another purchase was a beautiful vase that will look great filled with spring flowers.

 Sometimes I give flowers as a gift for birthday or anniversary celebrations and it's nice to present flowers in a pretty container. 

Okay, sweet blog peeps, until another day.

 Hope you have a good rest of the week.



Red Rose Alley said...

The glasses you found at Goodwill are pretty, Susan. And your vase will be so nice to put your special flowers in that you love so much. I used to browse around in Goodwill every now and then where I used to live, and like you said, it was either filled with lots of goodies at the time, or I didn't find anything appealing that day.

Have a wonderful week, Susan. Happy March days. : )


Laurel Wood said...

Blessings to you this first day of March! What an incredible bargain on the glasses!
The vase is exquisite and I can see it filled with lovely blooms. What a great idea to gift a floral bouquet in a vase.
Like you, I enjoy browsing thrift stores. Even if I do not find anything, I usually enjoy chatting with other thrift store lovers. Lol
Have a blessed afternoon

Red Rose Alley said...

Susan, I think a cow and a bull are the same animal, but not sure. My neighbor said it was a cow farm, so I'm going with that haha.

love ya. : )

Linda O'Connell said...

Ialways find something useful at Goodwill. You are always lucky!

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