Tuesday, April 20, 2021

A New Day and Week of Life

 Dear Blog Peeps:

Many thanks to all who reached out last week as my family and  I said goodbye to my beloved nephew. 

He was only 30 years old but touched hundreds of lives during his short time on earth.  

May be rest peacefully and happily in eternal peace. Love, Susan


                              NEW PLATES FROM SPAIN----OLE!

Flashy and heavy red plates from Spain, found on a shelf in a Goodwill thrift shop, immediately caught my eye.

They'd look quite dashing on top of a white tablecloth with very Polish-looking red borders.  

 That's what the "Buy it now" voice inside my head told me.  

So I listened and bought the lovely plates for less than two dollars each.

A breakfast table held the plates last week.

Served was a healthy fruit plate that included a new {to me) kind of green grapes---Cotton Candy.  

 Of course I had to buy them, to try them out, and yes, they were quite sweet and delicious.

There were also veggie omelettes, tater tots, bacon, and sausage links, all cooked by my visiting son. 

 He sure has become a very fine cook!

My contributions to the meal were rice, beans, grapefruit, and buttered toast.

 Trying new china and foods make life more fascinating. 



diane stetson said...

I cooked chicken piccata this past week and never had ever used capers. It came out to be quite tasty and now I will use them in other dishes. Your table looks lovely and I LOVE grapefruit. Just got a dozen from my neighbor's tree that are sweet and delicious.

Red Rose Alley said...

Your red plates look striking on your lovely table, Susan. And the fruit platter looks delicious....and healthy. You know, I used to have a set of red plates many years ago, but with all the moves, I gave them away. Yes, your table cloth with the red design does look Polish, how sweet. So nice of your son to make omelettes, tater tots, bacon, and sausage. That sounds incredible.

I've been saying daily prayers for your family, Susan, and for your beloved nephew.


Laurel Wood said...

My prayers continue for you and your family, Susan.
The plates are lovely with your cross stitched tablecloth. How nice to enjoy a delicious meal with your son.
I recently visited a thrift store and found some upholstery fabric just the right color for my project for $2!

Linda O'Connell said...

Very nice dishes. Your table settings always look fantastic.

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