Thursday, April 22, 2021

The Miracle of Nature: They Are Born!

 A little five-year-old visitor, whose imagination is absolutely magical, tells all kinds of stories from his head and heart.

He spins some whoppers in  a way one even wonders how such a little fellow can come up with the story lines!

              (Mama bird covers her new babies with fluff when she goes off to find food.)

 Well, wouldn't you know it, he told me one about a creative Mother birdie who built a nest in the grapevine wreath that hangs on the back porch.

As he told me about the nest inside the wreath, he capped off the tale with the fact there were eggs inside the nest.

"Really?,"  I asked. "What color are they?"

"White," he answered.

Well, if ever there was a monkey's uncle (or aunt), I became one that afternoon when, going on to the back porch, a glance at the wreath, revealed a real bird's nest nestled inside.

 There sat five perfect white birds' eggs!

My little friend's story was real.

And now the eggs have hatched and baby birds wait anxiously for their Mama to feed them.

 From now on, I'll pay extra special attention to his stories.

What kind of bird created the nest and eggs remains a mystery. 

Could it have been, perhaps, a wren? 




diane stetson said...

I have had several birds born in my yard,...some right in my hanging basket in my front yard and also many hummingbird nests that have yielded teeny tiny bird eggs and birds. It is fun to watch them feed their young. Glad you had that experience.

Laurel Wood said...

Precious story and sweet photos. My mom once had a straw hat hanging on a hook in her garage. A wren built a nest inside the hat!

Melanie Miller said...

I have a nest way up on my porch roof, in a small space where it meets the house. Last year the babies kept rolling off the roof & landing in the garden. I had to bury 3 of them. Hoping this year they made the nest far enough in!

Linda O'Connell said...

That is precious. We have a sparrow nesting on our carport. Nature is amazing!

Red Rose Alley said...

That is amazing Susan. What a sight this must have been for you. It's incredible that she made a nest amongst your wreath. Such a protective mama. Thank you for sharing this today. Your photos are clear and sweet.


Kit said...

Wow! How incredible! We found nests in our yard a lot. I just love them. Kit

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