Sunday, May 16, 2021

Wishing You a Beautful Sunday

 Hope you have a lovely Sunday!

Take time to really look around you.

You'll be surprised at the immense amount of beautiful things you might see and otherwise miss.

Just getting out of the car to go to the supermarket, the pink-blossomed beauty, shown in this this post, caught my eye.

The car was parked right near it.

It was so stunning.

Happy Sunday, dear blog peeps!




Laurel Wood said...

Good Sunday Morning, Susan, I hope you enjoy a delightful day filled with many blessings. The tree photograph is gorgeous. I have been watching the blue birds come and go feeding their babies in my blue bird house as I enjoy my coffee this morn.❤️

Brenda @ Its A Beautiful Life said...

So many beautiful things going on in the neighbourhood. I saw the first of the trees that bloom around here ... all pretty and pink. I think it's a flowering plum tree in the neighbour's yard. Things are really greening now. It's a joy to watch. Hope you have a wonderful Sunday, Susan. May the beauty around you give your heart solace and joy. xo

diane stetson said...

I am looking out my sliding glass door at the lovely yellow roses blooming near my patio and the orange flower that is just blooming too. Today there is al ight rain coming down and we need it so much. Just watching the little raindrops come from heaven is so peaceful.

Kit said...

Oh my, today is incredibly gorgeous. From my seat I can see snow on the top of the mountains, a beautiful purple lilac and lots of green. Going to be warm today too. Have a great week my friend. Kit 💕

Red Rose Alley said...

The pink blossom tree you saw at the store is wonderful, Susan. Such a pretty pink too. Well, a Robin and a Quail did show up yesterday on my birthday, and then at the creek I saw so many birds in the sky it was incredible. Yes, if we take the time to look around, we will see so much beauty. Just like this precious post. : )


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