Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Birthday Dinner Celebration


One of our family traditions, among sisters, revolves around birthdays.

The tradition is to treat the birthday girl to a restaurant lunch or dinner.

The birthday girl also gets to choose the restaurant!

 This month, one of my sisters chose a restaurant that overlooked a beautiful lake. 

The food just happens to be absolutely delicious there.

This birthday, another super treat, better than dessert, is that one of the sisters paid for everybody!  Yippah!

Flat iron steak with a couple of onion rings on top was the selection of both the birthday girl and me.

It also came with a small mound of tasty mashed potatoes and thin, baked baby carrots.

 We ordered small house salads on the side.

It was a fabulous couple of hours.

Many happy returns to the birthday girl.

 Here's to thinking about the next sister birthday which is in July.


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diane stetson said...

I have a group of choir friends that meet for each other's birthdays whenever one comes up for lunch. Since last year was COVID filled we haven't met yet but hopefully starting this fall we will be back to that tradition. Glad you had fun with the sisters.

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