Thursday, August 19, 2021

Dollhouse Miniature Marvel

 It's so much fun to envision things to be used in dollhouses.

Remember how just in the past two days this blog featured really gorgeous pink roses in a vase on the kitchen table?

 Well, now there are some miniature pink roses, too.

During a quick run into a Goodwill thrift store, that I usually don't go into, I found the cutest little ceramic thimble.

 It's blue and white and has the letter "Firenze" on it.  I looked it up and it stands for Florence so the petite thimble is from Italy.

Right away the thought that it could be a planter for one of my dollhouses raced through my mind.

That's how the minds of miniaturists operate.

 For 69 cents, how could anyone refuse?

Luckily, I had purchased some miniature pink roses awhile back at a yard sale.

Once some clay was stuffed into the pot, the roses were added.  An extra round, flat circle of clay was also added to the bottom of the thimble to help it stand better.

I popped the whole thing, roses and all, into a 200 degree toaster oven for a few minutes.  That helped harden the clay.

Voila!  The pink roses in the Italian "planter" are now sitting near the big person roses on the kitchen table.

Eventually, the little ones will be placed in  a dollhouse.

Isn't life great?



diane stetson said...

Cute thimble Susan. I've been to Florence Italy and I'm sure you would LOVE to go there too. It's in Tuscany. I love your dollhouse miniatures.

Linda O'Connell said...

Amazing how you can transform somethinginto a delightfulminiature. furnishing doll houses is a fun hobby.

Red Rose Alley said...

That's so sweet and a clever idea, Susan. You find the most interesting things at Goodwill. How wonderful that this ceramic thimble is from Florence. Your doll house is going to welcome it. ; )


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