Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Counting Blessings...

 Today there is a real chill in the air.

While writing this blog post, the kitchen door is kept open to let in the breeze but I find myself reaching for a sweater.

Soon, it will be way too cold to keep the door open so any opportunity there is to let in fresh air now, it gets opened.

 This week friends and family helped celebrate my birthday!

Admittedly, I've loved all the cards, calls, gifts,messages, and notes of congratulations.

Despite problems, sorrows, and a smattering of regrets, life is still such a privilege, isn't it?

We are now into autumn, my favorite season.

The table setting shown in this post is one used for guests, as well as every day!

 The same goes with the fresh fruit tray to enjoy. 



Red Rose Alley said...

Happy Birthday to you, Susan. A lovely table set for a lovely lady. The fruit looks so good. I just put on a sweater also before visiting blogs. It's pretty cold here in the mornings.....sweater and boots weather now. I hope you have the best birthday doing all the things you love.


Linda O'Connell said...

Your decorations are always so festive and pretty. I like the slighht chillin the air, and sorted through my sweaters ealirer today. Not that I ma in a hurry, but I found two of the softest and fluffiest sweaters at Goodwill that will be perfectfor winter.

diane stetson said...

90 degrees here fall sweaters for me for quite a long time. Love your table settings and fruit bowl.

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