Thursday, September 2, 2021

Welcome to September

 September is here!

Sweet month of blackeyed Susans, cooler temps, school days, yellow buses, and  chrysanthemums, WELCOME!

When I saw fall flowers for sale at the supermarket, my first reaction was, "No, not yet. It's too soon."

But the months and seasons wait for no one.  

 They arrive when they are supposed to, stay a bit, then bow  down to welcome the next month.

September is my birthday month. 

It's not because of that, that I love it. 

It's because it's a beautiful, pleasant month.

It signifies an end to hot, sweaty summer temps. 

It welcomes startling, deep blue skies, amber glass,  apples, brilliant sunshine, first days of school, and farm-stands overflowing with fruits and vegetables. 

Don't forget flowers. Sunflowers, chrysanthemums,  dahlias, gladioli,  and on and on are all abundant and eye-catching in September.

One can almost detect a slight nip in the air in the early morning hours of the day.

Welcome, sweet September. 

You are a most abundant month, filled with refreshing beauty.



diane stetson said...

I love the song called September song. "oh it's a long long while, from May to December, but the days grow short when you reach September"...etc. Love your flower pictures.

Red Rose Alley said...

September is a wonderful month. I love it too, Susan. So glad you found some pretty flowers for your table. I decorated this morning for Fall. Don't have much, but the things I do have I love, and it was fun putting everything in place in my new home. I noticed the plaid linen next to your roses. It looks so Fall looking. And the Mums always remind me of Fall too. What a pretty bunch of black-eyed Susans.

Happy September days, dear friend.


My Tata's Cottage said...

Such beautiful photos. I love the Black Eyed Susans. My auntie Ang loved them and she always said, if she were able to have children she would have named a daughter Susan as she loved that name. Those rmeind me of her whenver I see them. THe summer heat will hopefully slip away. I was surprised how dark it is getting so early outside. Made me a bit sad. Otherwise I do love the Fall. I t is always so nice to visit you here. Take care.

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Lovely flowers. We are seeing a change in the weather somewhat, but right now dealing with very high humidity which isn't too much fun. Happy birth month. Take care.

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