Sunday, October 17, 2021

Remembering Mary, the Blessed Mother of God

 Throughout life, there has been dedication to Mary, the beloved mother of God.

All through my childhood,  I saw devotion to Mary from my grandmothers and mother as well as from all of my aunts.

Mary is, after all, close to her son, Jesus Christ. She certainly suffered greatly when He died upon the cross and then she rejoiced when He rose from the dead.

 On my bedroom dresser stands a very old statue of the Blessed Mother. It belonged to my maternal grandmother and she used to kneel in front of it every night to say her prayers.

She did this even when she was very old. 

While my knees no longer allow kneeling, the presence of the statue brings joy since it symbolizes the sanctity of the beautiful Blessed Mother.

 I hope your Sunday, today, is blessed.




Red Rose Alley said...

Oh Susan, Yes, I know of Mary. I say the Rosary every day. I feel so close to her. She is always there for us, and she brings me great comfort and especially love.

Your Grandmother's statue is beautiful, and it looks so nice on your bedroom dresser. How special that she used to kneel in front of the statue to say her prayers. And now this statue belongs to you. I love the reflection of her back in the mirror. Simply beautiful.


ps.....I love your dresser. ; )

diane stetson said...

I have at least three or four statues of the Blessed Virgin Mary who I pray to each and every day and night. I remember grandma praying on her knees.

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