Friday, October 15, 2021

The Eerie "Scareousel"

 Upon seeing the unique "scareousel" for the first time, it seems perfect for the front yard of the Halloween dollhouse.



 The whole place is creepy so the scareousel would fit right in.


Its former home happens to be a thrift store.


The sounds it makes as the  riders turn around and around are enough to chill the blood.   

No one would want to be alone in the room  while the scareousel is in motion.               

It has  lights and a skeleton head on its top, too.

It's a great piece and brings a lot of smiles to faces of onlookers.

 As long as it never gets turned on when one is alone in the house, it'll be fine.



Red Rose Alley said...

Did you name the "scareousel" yourself, or did it come that way? I love
to ride the carousel, and little Francesca bought me a beautiful one for Christmas last year. It plays music also and it's a treasure I'll keep
forever. I bet your grandkids enjoy seeing this new item that you found
at the thrift store. You're right, I wouldn't want to put that music on
at night. ; )


diane stetson said...

I'm not at all scared of Horror movies, Halloween music or
anything associated with Halloween. It's my least favorite holiday and nothing about it is real. I just stay away from things not real. I wouldn't go into a Haunted house as I'm just not interested.

DARK said...

Maravilhoso carrossel^.~

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