Friday, January 28, 2022

Discoveries On-The-Cheap...

 Remember the promise made the other day to show you some more of the treasures we bought recently at a Goodwill thrift shop?

It was included at the end of the post on the pretty Russian music box that played a hypnotic tune. 

If you missed the post and have any interest in reading it, just click here.

The lovely floral plate below, also shown at the top of this post, hailed from Italy.  

Because of its pink overtones, it came home with me. 

Plus, I love Italian china, especially florals.

These tiny red shoes with even tinier hearts ended up on the kitchen knick knack rack that's adorned with many red things, perfect for Valentine's Day.

The votives were purchased for their super vanilla fragrance.  

The tall, red, cherry-scented candle called out as also very appropriate for Valentine's Day decor.

The tiny mirror, meant for the back of a cell phone, made its way to a wall in the dollhouse. Perfect!

 Blank notebooks were purchased to be added to the Valentine stash of little gifties for the local grandchildren.

 The bell-covered heart now hangs from a kitchen cabinet and is sure to ring its welcome for anyone who opens that cabinet door.

So that was it, dear blog peeps---the results of a fun, thrift store treasure hunt.

Those were the Valentine's Day treasures secured on-the-cheap!




Red Rose Alley said...

Funny you should ask that, Susan, as I just came across a candle, and it's the prettiest candle I've seen. It's purple and the scent is Huckleberry, which is a name I love. On the back porch today was a package, and it was the candle I wanted so much. It was from Nel and Mia. I'll treasure it forever. You got so many goodies at the thrift store, and those tiny red shoes are so darling. Your plate is pretty, and I also love things from Italy. Enjoy all your treats, Susan.


diane stetson said...

Someone to keep me company

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