Friday, June 24, 2022

Squirrels Love to Snack on Outside Lights Wires

  Two times squirrels, those bushy tailed wretched rodents, demolished brand new sets of outdoor lights.

They chewed right through them.

It would have been so easy to just throw in the towel and let them win but I am of a rebellious nature.

Those dreaded bushy tails were not going to win.

 So I drove to a community about 40 minutes away and bought four really lovely shepherd's hooks.

It took some finagling to get them into the car but a store employee helped me.

My daughter strung light set number three from pole to pole so there have been lovely lights in the backyard for several days now.

 I read somewhere that the wires of outdoor lights are sprayed with some kind of soy outer layer the squirrels just love to nibble on.

Well, so far so good. 

 The wires with pretty white lights have been spared squirrel teeth so far.  



diane stetson said...

I've got squirrels and rabbits in my yard every single day around seven p.m. there are families of them...BUT I do not have outdoor lights so I just leave those critters alone.

Red Rose Alley said...

Oh my, I've never heard of the lights having a soy outer layer and the squirrels liking them. So sorry those pesky squirrels got your lights, Susan. But the new ones look nice, and that was good of your daughter to string them up in the backyard so you can still enjoy some lighting. I don't have outdoor lights, but I do have squirrels.....lots of them, and I always shooooo them away haha. The little ones are coming around more, and it seems they aren't afraid of anything. Just mischievous.


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