Thursday, June 23, 2022

Peony Centerpiece for Dinner Party

Peonies are definitely among my favorite flowers.

Their showy blossoms are breathtaking and their fragrance is divine.

My paternal grandmother grew them in her flower garden.

Pink, of course, is my favorite color so pastel pink peonies are doubly perfect.

 With all that in mind, imagine how thrilling it was to see the table centerpiece comprised of a row of light pink peonies in vases.

 The occasion was  a birthday dinner party given by my daughter and SIL. (His special day is coming up.)

Oh, it was very unique and beautiful. 

She used all white plates and made luscious tacos with meat she cooked in a pressure cooker. 

 The whole dinner was way beyond yummy.

 She also  had guacamole and salsa, both homemade.

  It was a chilly day, too, and more like fall than late June. 

 Consequently,  my daughter built a fire in their huge fireplace that fills almost an entire wall of their charming, old farmhouse. 

  The entire evening was just great and I went to sleep at night dreaming of those light pink peonies.



diane stetson said...

Well that table looked just lovely. She takes after you and loves fresh flowers and decorating. Looks wonderful. I love peonies.

Nellie said...

What a lovely table! I love the pink ones, too!

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