Sunday, June 12, 2022

The Protection of Angels

 Angels, those heavenly beings who cannot be seen or heard, are said to offer human beings protection, care, guidance, and love.

Some people think believing in angels is ridiculous.

 Others swear by their company and power.

All my life I have heard that God has "given angels His guard you in all of your ways." 

In Christian music those words are there, as well as in numerous Biblical references. 

 Somehow, around here, throughout the years, a collection of angels has come about in the form of garden statuary.

It never ceases to amaze me how many have joined the flock.

This weekend some of them came off the enclosed side porch and gotten a good scrub with a brush, warm water, and Dawn dish detergent.

 Then they took their stations in the backyard.

The one at the very top of this post is my fave. 

That angel has string lights all around her and can be seen from the car when it's driven into the driveway.  


It's very comforting to see.

So, for those of you who believe in angels, may they fill your heart with peace and love and protect you from anything bad.

The same for those who don't believe angels exist.



Red Rose Alley said...

Your collection of angel statues is so special, Susan. The one with the lights all around her is very pretty. I especially like the one blowing the trumpet. I think I mentioned that I had to leave my statues behind when I moved, as it was too expensive to ship them. So, I have to find some new ones to fill my home, as they comfort me, like they do you. I very much believe in angels, Susan. So thank you for this beautiful post this Sunday afternoon.


ps.....that's a lot of work to scrub and wash them, but they're all clean and ready to greet someone. : )

Linda O'Connell said...

Oh that little darling blowing the trumpet makes me smile. I believe in angels.

Anonymous said...

Yes. More than once. The first time is when I was inside our apartment in San Francisco and there was a fire. I was a kid and I was afraid and I was not able to get out because of the flame and smoke surrounding me. I hid in the closet because I thought it was clear that was the only place that there was no fire. Flame and smoke was getting worse and I was stuck in the closet then all of a sudden this young man with the most beautiful curly blonde hair and the bluest eyes I have ever seen came to my rescue. I didn't know how to speak English but it seems as if I understood whatever language he was speaking and told me to trust him he will get me out safely. I gave him my hand and he carried me out. No flame or smoke was in our way. Once I was out he disappeared after giving me a blanket. People were still staring at the fire as if they never saw me being carried out by this young beautiful man. I always believed he was an angel that God sent to rescue me. I had other experiences with angels.

diane stetson said...

Oh yes, I've received the help of an angel many times in my life. I know they guide us each day of our lives. You lighted angel outside is lovely Enjoy it while you can and all the angels you have cleaned up to display in your lovely back yard.

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