Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Outdoor Deck Decor

It's very comforting that Marianne, a very dear cousin of mine, and I have alternating tea visits at each others' houses.

Recently, we zipped out onto the deck of her lovely lake side apartment, saw the beautiful water sparkling in the sun, and gorgeous blue sky with clouds above, and enjoyed many gifts of Mother Nature.

Marianne is a born decorator.

Everything she touches turns into lovely scenes.

I love looking in every direction when I visit Marianne for tea because the darling vistas she creates never disappoint.

 She also has a natural green thumb for plants.

I am going to finish by showing you a few more photos or this post will get too long. Enjoy!



Red Rose Alley said...

Your cousin's outside decorating is so cute, Susan. It's nice that you have tea visits at each others' houses. I like the bunny area she decorated. And that porcelain rose is so pretty. The quilt looks so comfy and cozy.

Yes, I do have a place outside to decorate - my front porch, but I really need to get more statues and flowers and pots out there. It's rather bare right now.

Always love your sweet posts, Susan. And they inspire me to be creative and decorate! haha


diane stetson said...

Very pretty. I'd love to visit there as I love tea and everything looks so nice. I'm so glad you can enjoy the lake and the company and the decorations.

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