Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Who? Who Goes There?

 Who, who goes there?

The sweet little owl, shown above, is an example of a busy person's crafts.

A friend of mine keeps very active, using her hands to create all kinds of adorable doodads, just for the fun of it!  Then she gives them away!


She gave the  owl  to me as a little gift for no reason whatsoever!


Oh, she's a cheery little pink owl, that's for sure. I love her.


She bobs up and down and, although is not verbal, she makes me smile a lot.  




Red Rose Alley said...

Such a cute pink owl that your friend made, Susan. And getting gifts for no reason is the best. I love things made out of felt, especially dolls and animals. No, I don't really ever hang things from my car mirror, cause it distracts me. Have a good rest of the week Susan.


diane stetson said...

Yes I do hang a rosary from my car . It is a rosary bracelet that my son got me in Hawaii many years ago. I love it. Your little craft owl is so cute.

Linda O'Connell said...

What acute little gift. It is illegal to hang anything from your rear view mirrir in our neighboring state of Illinois, so I do not. Have a good day.

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