Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Downsizing Dilemma

Everyone has their favorite items when it comes to decorating.

Pink is my favorite color so it's quite predominant in my home's decor.

 Anything sparkly also attracts me, just like a crow to shiny things.

Years ago, a two tier wrought iron rack caught my attention.

Yes, it was in a thrift store and cheap but I didn't care. 

 It was attractive to me.

I brought it home and quickly spray-painted it white. 

Then, faux roses, in various shades of pink,  were gently placed on the two glass, round shelves.

Eventually, two gorgeous birds with feathery tails and long shiny pink extensions joined the rack.

It has always been one of my favorite decorations. 

So when it ended up in my own yard sale, this past weekend, a wave of nostalgia and sadness washed over me.

When friends and sisters who were helping with the sale weren't looking, I grabbed my wrought iron, two-tiered centerpiece, pink roses, birds, and all, and absconded to the back porch.

 There the centerpiece sat until I was able to carefully sneak it back into my house, where it now sits royally, once again, in the middle of the kitchen table.

Some things a person just cannot part with!


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diane stetson said...

Just two beautiful photos of my children when they were two years old. I had the photographer do one when my daughter was two and the other when my son turned two. I love them very much and would never part with them.

I like the pink flowers, birds and so forth . I know you will keep that decoration for sure.

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