Friday, August 5, 2022

An Angelic Welcome...

Angels seem to be on my radar these days. I don't know why.

Angel decor comforts.

The angels shown in this post made me smile, the moment I laid eyes on them.

Somebody said the basin in front of them was meant for holy water but I always just added some faux pink blossoms.

 Well, wouldn't you know it? One of the angels lost a foot. 

 Because I've had such difficulty finding a glue that works on such breaks, a friend came to the rescue with a suggestion.

 She said, Gorilla Glue has a glue for crafts! 

  It works wonders and adheres incredibly, she said.

So, in the terribly painful moving process, from a large house to a much smaller apartment,  the angels made the "safe cut."  

They will come with me, broken foot and all, rather than be tossed in the charity box.

I'll look around for that glue. 



Red Rose Alley said...

I'm so glad you kept these sweet angels, Susan. I bought an angel once, and when I got home, I noticed its wing was broken, but she was so special that I kept her. I ended up having to leave all my statues behind with the big move, but I have been looking around for new yard statues again. You have so many wonderful items. And I'm glad you're picking and choosing the ones you want to keep. I'm glad you found a craft glue to put her foot in place again.


diane stetson said...

Very pretty angels. I have a couple small angels. One holds a little flower and the other is praying. I love angels too.

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