Monday, December 26, 2022

"Oh, Come Let Us Adore Him..."

Attending a beautiful Mass in a church in western Massachusetts happened to be one of the highlights of Christmas weekend, 2022.

Dozens of gorgeous poinsettias in different colors filled the altar and made a spectacular sight.

Baby Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, as well as a few other visitors, nestled in the middle of the plants.

 Oh, it was all so ethereal!

Those who decorated did a stellar job. 

White lights illuminated green garlands with red bows and everywhere one looked, there was beauty.

At the end of Mass, all bright overhead lights went off. 

Only white Christmas lights and candles illuminated the darkness.

Soon, a special guest came slowly down the darkened aisle. 

Santa, Himself, paid the church a visit.

He knelt before the figure of the Baby Jesus and brought tears to the eyes of many people in the pews watching the scene unfold.

Seeing Him near the Christ Child figure turned out to be a clear reminder of the real reason for the entire Christmas season.

Attending Mass is always a wonderful way to give honor and thanks to the little Lord Jesus for all the good things He continues to bring to our lives. 

Now, Christmas 2022 is over, but so many good things that transpired will be among "forever memories."



diane stetson said...

Oh our church had beautiful flowers just like yours did. Outside streams of colored lights lit up the driveway to the church and all around it. Gorgeous. I love going to Midnight Mass and having the trumpets, cello and violin players accompany our choir. It was a wonderful part of Christmas for me. Jesus is the reason for the season for sure.

Red Rose Alley said...

What a beautiful church, Susan.....the twinkling lights, the candles, the greenery, and all the poinsettias they put out. It all looks very nice. And the nativity scene is wonderful.

There is a house down the street with blue lights around the house. That really got to me every evening when I looked out and saw them. It almost looked purplish, it was so pretty. It gave me a feeling of peace. : )


Linda O'Connell said...

Beautiful church and oh my goodness, Santa kneeling at the Baby Jesus, so heart touching.

Linda O'Connell said...

Being with my babies and extended family members. Stop by my blog and see.

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