Friday, January 27, 2023

The World of Gnomes

Gnomes are strange little figures, usually shown with red hats, beards, and a variety of outfits.

People use them as decorations in their gardens. 

 They are whimsical creatures and people are genuinely happy to see them.

They are said to bring good luck to anyone who puts them in their gardens.

It is noted in sources on the Internet that gnomes are originally German figures who are "old men who guard buried treasure and minerals" in gardens.

It's hard to look at gnomes and refrain from smiling. They are cheerful and petite figures in a garden.

My daughter and her husband have had gnomes in their front yard small flower garden.

Unfortunately, one toppled over and there is now a big gap in his head.

Depending on where one shops for gnomes, they can be so extremely pricey that it could blow your socks off.

They remind me of leprechauns as well as the seven dwarfs in the children's story,  "Snow White." 

There is one report that a company in Europe started making female gnomes and it sparked heated protesting.  

 Gnomes have apparently always been male only.

True diehards do not want female gnomes to be made nor acknowledged.

They especially do not want them shown by the sides of the male gnomes. 

Whether this is true or not is up to individuals buying and displaying gnomes in a home garden.




My Tata's Cottage said...

Our daughter bought her dad a gnome Denver Bronco football player. It is so cute and sits on his dresser. We love him. The gnomes are quite interesting characters and so many grace lawns everywhere. A cute post. I am trying to get back into the blogs. Our daughter who bought the gnome several years ago lost her husband to cancer last month so life has been upside down. It is so nice to see you here. Have a beautiful weekend.

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Nothing every stays at it was originally made when there's money to be made. I think some are quite cute though I've never bought one. You could always use some air dry clay to fix the top of the gnome's head. or just put a small potted plant in the top of it. :)

diane stetson said...

I've only seen a movie about gnome's and I have seen some on trips to Europe here and there but have never owned one as i do not have a garden. Yours is cute. I'm sure you will be able to patch him up soon.

Red Rose Alley said...

I LOVE GNOMES! haha. They always make me smile. I have a gnome holding a camera.....I had to buy it one day hehehe. Your daughter's gnome is delightful, Susan. Too bad the top of his hat got broken. I like his green sweater and book in his hand. He's really cute. Gnomes are just delightful.

Have a lovely weekend, dear friend.


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