Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Victorian Darling...

 Many aspects of the Victorian era are still appealing.

A petite doll in pink Victorian style clothes, complete with white umbrella, is irresistible. 


Thought I'd show her to you. She is one of my favorite darlings. 

The little beauty is one of just a handful of dolls who is not in storage at the moment.

 The small pink rose that closes her lacy shawl is so delicate.

She has a sweet hat, too, with white feathers on it.

 Her brown hair is a mass of curls and waves and her face is very pretty.

The pink and creamy off-white dress is absolutely adorable.

She even has permanent black heeled shoes.

Because she represents the Victorian era, her name, Victoria, suits her perfectly. 



diane stetson said...

Oh I had no idea you kept some things out of storage. That's good news. I know you love your doll collection. Enjoy!

Linda O'Connell said...

What a delicate little doll. hope you are doing well.

Red Rose Alley said...

She's darling, Susan. She has such a pretty face, and I love those long brown curls. It sounds like she is a favorite of yours. I noticed the doll with the fur coat and hat also. How delightful she is. I, too, appreciate the Victorian era. There's just something about it, right?


Anne Robinson said...

What a lovely doll. I have a few Victorian dolls too. Our oldest girl buys me a Holiday Barbie every year and has for many years. I think she may be the lone 2022 doll still up as with this snow and ice and frigid cold we can not get everything from CHRISTmas put away so we still have our tree up. We love it and I love the lights on when it is dark outside and no other lights are turned on. Have a great weekend.

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