Friday, March 31, 2023

Hyacinth Inside, Snow Outside


A surprise day trip last week resulted in a visit to Trader Joe's.

For anyone unfamiliar with it, Trader Joe's is kind of an international supermarket. 

It is a perfect delight to go there, especially on a wintery day.

They have all kinds of different products representing many ethnic cuisines. 

They also have 99 cent greeting cards!

But my absolute favorite thing to buy at Trader Joe's is fresh flowers.

So, while on an excursion with my daughter, we stopped at a Trader Joe's.

Spring flowers are making their appearance there now, including one of my definite favorite flowers, hyacinths.

A small hyacinth, perfect for a friend who is a nursing home resident where there is not much space for stuff, was my first purchase.

Then, I bought another bigger hyacinth and placed it on a counter in my daughter's home, right near a window!

It is a gorgeous shade of periwinkle blue and is a real stunner. 

I was so happy to have an excursion and that it included a visit to Trader Joe's!



Red Rose Alley said...

Trader Joe's is such a great place to buy goodies. Your hyacinth is a stunning color. And so nice of you buy one for a friend in the nursing home, Susan. The other one must look so pretty sitting next to your daughter's window. And Yes, we had our biggest snow day on Tuesday. I'm still shoveling the driveway. But the sun is out today.

Have a good rest of the week, Susan.


Diane said...

I love getting flowers and other things at Trader Joe’s. The blue flowers are the prettiest I think.

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