Friday, March 17, 2023

Mountains of Snow, All Over the Place


 Happy Saint Patrick's Day to all who celebrate it.
May you feel happy and peaceful, loving and kind.
May you receive kindness, too, and gentle love!
I hope your day is fabulous.

 If the photo above looks like a mountain, it's just an illusion.

It's a huge pile of snow in the parking lot of a small strip of stores in the town where I used to  live.

 So that's where the shoveling crew dumped a ton of snow-----in a parking lot!

 When snow gets really filthy and changes color to muddy gray, I lament it until people start using the snow to make artistic works of art.

 Right now, things are still looking on the picturesque side of the almost end of March.


When I drove by this creation the other day, it looked like a large, VERY large, rabbit.  

In the first photo, there is even a "snowy, sleepy sheep" behind the bunbun. See it?

 One of my nearby grands said it looked more like a crocodile!

 These last days of winter do have some startling beauty and creativeness.     

In the final photo, I love the sunlight criss-crossing on what is a lawn in warmer months.  

Keep warm, keep safe, and enjoy the lingering whisperings of winter, 2023.

My late father used to joke around a lot. 

One of his expressions we can apply to winter and something we will all be saying soon---- "It's gone but not forgotten."


diane stetson said...

Thanks for all the snow pictures. Here we have snow on the mountains in the distance which is where I like it..ha ha ha. Winter is not over yet so you may still have some coming.

Red Rose Alley said...

Oh Susan, today I noticed the snow is starting to turn into a big pile of dirty snow. That's what often happens when the road workers scrape it to the sides of the streets. It creates a mess. I think your grand is right, I see a crocodile! That last picture is so pretty. The snow is even prettier when the sun comes out and sparkles on it.

Happy St. Patrick's Day, sweet friend.


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