Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Delacacies from India

Food from India delights the palate with delicious flavors, spices, and  textures.

Imagine an entire buffet of Indian dishes like warm naan bread, sweet carrot pudding, and butter chicken.

Lentil dishes and fresh veggies are part of the cuisine, too.

All of those are part of the buffet at Yak and Yeti in Denver, Colorado.

It happens to be one of the places selected by a dear family member who I  visited last month.

Tasting the food from different countries is a great thing to do.  

It's good to learn about dishes from other locales.

Indian food is definitely one of my favorite cuisines.

Some people think it's too spicy but honestly, many of the dishes are not too hot at all but they are delectable.

If you have never tried Indian food, make it a goal to at least give it a try.  

You might love it!



diane stetson said...

Definitely do not care for anything made with curry or anything spicy in my old age. I'd like Tandoori Chicken and rice pudding there though.

Gloriade said...

My son really likes Indian Food. When he was living with us for a while he would occasionally bring some home to share. Sometimes, while delicious, it was way too spicy for us. Other times he would choose something that was a little easier on the palate. I thought it was good but I have never gone to an Indian restaurant on my own.

Red Rose Alley said...

Looks like there were so many different Indian dishes at this restaurant. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself there, Susan. The deep fried food at the end looks interesting and Yummy.


Anonymous said...

Don’t care for this food. I did enjoy the pudding for dessert.

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