Saturday, September 30, 2023

Fanciful Flickering

Sometimes, dreams, ideas, and wishes come true.

When all three happen, it's cause for joy.

The thought of flickering candlelight, even if it's not real, appeals.

A flickering candle inside a lantern, hanging from a shepherd's hook, in front of my new place to live, kept coming to mind.

Now that cooler weather is kicking in, the summery display of pink petunias and pink geranium have been pretty much replaced with fall colored mums.

Nearby angel statues wear fall faux leaf garlands around their necks and shoulders.

The dream, idea, and wish for a lighted lantern came true on a recent trip to a dollar store where there are different priced items.

Best of all, the lantern is solar so it can charge up the battery all day and lights up as soon as the sun goes down.

What a gift to find it for less than $14, now purchased with birthday money!



diane stetson said...

So happy for you. I never saw a lantern like that one. I went to a wonderful Broadway show with Kelly O'Hara last night. Such a treat as I've been home ill for quite a while ...nice to get out. That was my wish come true.

Brenda Leyland @ Its A Beautiful Life said...

Flickering candlelight and warm lamps at this time of year are just so cozy. Was lovely to see your lantern. Happy day, Susan.

footballandcasinoufa said...
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Red Rose Alley said...

Your lantern looks very cool at night. That's a great idea to keep one hanging at your new place, Susan. I will have to look for these solar ones that comes on when the sun goes down. You can find the most wonderful things at the dollar store. : )


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