Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Signs of "Delicious" Times

It's great there are many people in the world who add to the delight of living.

Some of those people design objects that make others smile, like the sign, above, in today's post, and the pig who is a chef, shown below.

It sits on an indoor windowsill at Ozzie's Steak and Eggs Restaurant ( https://ozziessteakandeggs.com/)  that, in itself, has food that makes one smile!

Ozzie's can be found in the very small, New England town of Hinsdale in western Massachusetts.

All the indoor windowsills at Ozzie's sport cute decor.

It's a gift to see things that are smile-worthy.

This life can be a downer but with fun things to smile about, one forgets the negative people and circumstances.

It's so much better to concentrate on the positive.

This Sunday, try to see how you can contribute to things that will make people smile.

What a worthy cause that is.  

Since this is the Lord's day, it'll make Him happy to see his earthly children happy.  

It will make Him very pleased to see all those smiles.



Gloria said...

I have just returned from a month with my daughter and her new baby. That makes me smile and heading to church this morning to worship the Lord and to see all my church friends again makes me smile too. Dinner tonight with an aunt I haven't seen if over five years, shear bliss!

diane stetson said...

Looking out my dining room window this morning I saw three lovely mini yellow roses peeking out from my flower box. That made me smile.

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