Sunday, December 10, 2023

Sunday Thoughts


This is the second Sunday of Advent for Christians.

Advent is the time to prepare for celebration of the Baby Jesus's birth.

Time is racing by whether we want it to or not.

That first week of Advent went by in a flash. 

  By now, many people have already decorated their spaces for the upcoming Christmas holiday.

Among the most important decorations are manger scenes.

These help remind us of the real reason for the season.

They teach little children that Christmas is much more than just waiting for Santa to bring gifts.

 May your day today be blessed with peace and deep contentment as we move forward into the magical and memory-making events of the holidays.

1 comment:

Red Rose Alley said...

That little snowbaby melts my heart every time. And the clear Nativity scene is lovely, Susan. Have a merry holiday week.


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