Saturday, January 27, 2024

Birdie in the Roses


No doubt about it, thoughts of faux birds and roses, (any color, but especially pink), trounce about, in my heart, like crazy.

So a lovely pink cut glass, crystal pedestal dish is fluffed up to the top with silk, deep pink roses, which makes a very pretty sight on the living room buffet. 

In addition, there's another eye-catching crystal bowl filled with Valentine hearts in different sizes.

A darling little pink bird, who, sadly, has lost one eye, perches in the middle of the velvety blooms inside the pink pedestal.

In the bathroom,  a transparent pedestal clear glass container, sits on the main counter, and holds more pink roses.

One can never have enough roses in one's space, whether living or silk!




Red Rose Alley said...

That bird and roses in the pink glass looks so pretty, Susan. Can't even tell he's lost an eye. I love how you placed it on the delicate lace doily. And I love the fact that you find things around you to brighten the home in winter.


Diane said...

That is a lovely decoration to make you think of spring in the midst of a cold winter.

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