Sunday, February 4, 2024

Thoughts on a Sunday


It is Sunday!

There is an entire "free" day ahead to fill with whatever one desires.

The sun is actually shining!

Here, in New England, when the bright  sun comes out, it's cause for celebration. 

Many days can go by without as much as a glimpse of brightness.

It can weigh heavily on one's psyche.

But today, the sun is out and the day awaits.

May your day be bright and happy.  

Just like the sun, humans can be rays of sunshine, too.


diane stetson said...

No sun in sunny So. Cal. this week. Rain and wind for the entire week. Enjoy your sunshine while you can as the storm is moving east.

Katie Isabella said...

You are right. Humans can be and sometimes are, rays of sunlight to their friends and family.

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