Thursday, April 4, 2024

Pretty Lady in Pink

Due to several moves over the past few years, many of the possessions that have been saved from being liquidated remain in a rental storage unit.                                                                                        
Among the things that have not yet been dealt with is a collection of dolls.                                                                                                     

They come in every shape, size, and design.  

The other day, while visiting the storage unit,  several boxes got unearthed and placed into the back seat of the car.

More downsizing, donations, and keepers must be determined.

Reaching into one of the boxes, the pretty pink lady shown in today's post came out.

She is really a favorite doll and so pretty.

My sister, Barb, bought her for me many years ago.

Seeing her again was good for my heart and spirit.

She has thick curls, a pretty face, a lacy pink dress with dainty bows, and even sweet, pink shoes. 

It was like seeing a dear, precious child again.



diane stetson said...

Best of luck trying to give up things you've had for years and love Susan. I sympathize with you. That doll is lovely.

Red Rose Alley said...

She has such a sweet face, Susan. She's definitely a keeper, and I love her Pink shoes! After all the moves in the last years, I had to downsize and give away much stuff. But I kept the things I loved, most of them have meaning, and some are just whimsical and cute and couldn't let go. But when I go shopping now, I only buy something that I truly love and have to have! And I usually give something away when I treat myself. ; )


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