Thursday, April 25, 2024

The Delights of Spring


Spring is sometimes a long time in coming to New England. 

Temps one day may be very warm and one is tempted to throw the winter sweaters and socks into storage.

But the next day, it's so chilly that putting the heat on once again seems like the best idea of all.

Mother Nature can be fickle.  

However, when a tree is filled with beautiful flowers and tulips plus other flowers start to bloom, hope springs eternal that spring will stick around.

The flowering tree shown at the top of this post decorates the front of a local bank.  

It is so pretty in the afternoon sunlight.

Inside one of my sisters' houses, colorful tulips look majestic in a vase.

In another room, a pink floral bouquet brightens everything.

Please, no more snow or bone-chilling temperatures as they are  part of past winter. 

Bring on the blossoms of spring flowers and budding branches of soon-to-be blooming trees and shrubs.



diane stetson said...

Plum trees are in blossom all over town. I have two bunnies in the backyard and my lilies are smelling great on the dining room table. Spring has sprung.

Debbie Nolan said...

Susan your photos are beautiful. We have been up and down here in Ohio too with spring. Our March was much warmer and more spring like than April. Think we are turning the corner next week...temps are to be in the 70's and I am not sad! Have a wonderful week end.

Red Rose Alley said...

Susan, I know what you mean about the weather. It's been sunny all week here, and today, it's cold and supposed to rain, and I had to put the heater back on. But there are signs all around that Spring has arrived, particularly with the pink blossom trees. That white blossom tree at the bank is beautiful. And it sounds like your sister likes flowers as much as you do. The soft pink tulips are so pretty. Love their blush color.

Have a pleasant weekend, dear Susan.


Shug said...

gorgeous trees. For begins with the daffodils and since we are in the Nursery Business, it is all the trees in the field with buds blooming out. Here in Texas, it can be Spring one day, and Summer the next....Same for Fall and Winter. We have different seasons all the time.

Gloria said...

Hello Susan, Yes Spring has finally truly arrived and Lord willing, is here to stay. My rhododendrons are coming into bloom. It's still too soon to plant anything but at least the frost seems to be gone.

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