Sunday, May 5, 2024

Change of Routine...


A change of routine has always been important to me.

Even when young, embracing new habits, people, jobs, and experiences was important.

Maintaining the status quo just wasn't in the cards and was very unappealing.

 Even now, in the twilight years, doing things differently peaks my interest although it's admittedly harder than when one is young. 

This morning, looking at a bouquet of flowers on the kitchen counter, it was easy to see that some of them had drooped and died.

Picking them out and disposing of them became necessary. 


Luckily, there were some still living and beautiful.

That little bouquet of flowers made me think of life, itself. 

Some good things come to an end. We can lament them or concentrate on what's left and enjoy it. 

Change is just a necessary and normal part of life.  Nothing, absolutely nothing, stays the same.

Even our faith undergoes changes and becomes even stronger as we age. 

No doubt, there will be enjoyment in looking at the flowers that are still living in the little vase on the kitchen table.



Anonymous said...

Change is very difficult when one is older and has established routines and are set in their ways. I only submit ti change if I am forced to do so .

Shug said...

I think change can be a huge issue, especially if one truly enjoys certain things in life. My next post is about change, so I thought this was interesting. As one quote says: Change may not always bring growth, but there is no growth without change.

Red Rose Alley said...

Susan, I was just thinking about how some good things come to an end. My brother gave me an old hymn book, and I love those old hymns that we used to sing in the church. Since then, new songs have come about, but I still long to hear those sweet old ones. Your yellow roses are beautiful, and do you know yellow roses are a favorite of mine? Such wonderful words about change, Susan. And a good reminder, as I'm not very good with change. ; )


Anne M Robinson said...

We celebrated 40 years of marriage and our middle made 4 little vases 1 9 8 4. Since 40 is ruby she bought red carnations. They are so precious. They last a long time so I am watching their water level carefully. Change is hard when we get older but I try my best to accept most of it. I don't like to be forced into anything so there is that strong willed girl in me that says N O ! Your post was thoguhtful. Thank you for sharing and enjoy your week.

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